It's me

Innovation. Comfort. Speed.


User-friendly interface

Comprehensive interface makes it easy to run the program.

Single user account

One-time registration is enough to use the program and save personal settings on any PC

Virtual camera

You can work with all apps which suggests web camera without switching or turning them off.

Virtual camera


It's me is a program for quick and easy access to your PC. With It's me you minimize your time for logging in

Automatic launching of the program after turning on your PC.

Single user account with the ability to log in to any PC.

The program compatible with any 2D camera.

Precise setting system of recognition for any user.

Coding of the information while transferring user data with recognition on a cloud server.

24\7 client support.


How does it work?


Install the program on your PC.

Installation doesn’t take a lot of time. User-friendly interface helps to install the program without any additional tips.


Creating user account.

First time registration gives you a whole spectrum of functions to use on different PCs. There’s no need for re-registration.


Ten photos from different perspectives.

Take ten photos from different perspectives for the program to recognize your face from any position. You can set the parameters as desired.


The last step – start the program.

After you start using the program you will definitely forget how to enter your password manually. You will get the access to your PC in a second. You will be able to update the program as soon as the new version comes out.


Adjust the settings of Triol Camera in apps that need access to your camera.

After installing this program, you are able to use Triol virtual camera that allows you to use multiple applications (Skype, TrueConf, etc.) at the same time.

PC requirements

OS starting from Windows 7

2D camera

Access to the Internet

Download right now and:

  • Reduce the time of logging in to several seconds

  • Forget about entering the password manually

  • Work with virtual camera without turning off any of your apps


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